Tim Green

posted Apr 12, 2013, 1:06 PM by Michelle Bentler
Yes, I'm still talking about the Illinois Reading Conference!  I wanted to listen to Tim Green speak because just two days before I left for the conference, an eight grade boy came into the media center and said.  "This was the best book, I've ever read!" as he held up a copy of Football Hero by Tim Green.  I've never read any books by Tim Green and so I knew nothing about his story.  Well, I'm going to read Tim Green books now.  Tim played football for eight years for the Atlanta Falcons, graduated top of his class at Syracuse and again was top of the class when he graduated from law school at Syracuse.  So not only does Tim write sports books for middle school students, he has a successful law practice.  Tim travels around and visits schools and talks to students as often as he can.  He says a person's priorities should be #1 Character, #2 Academics, and #3 Sports.  I was very impressed with Tim's character and his work ethic.  Tim Green has a Facebook page where he talks about his books and lets his Facebook Friends help decide character names.

Oh, and that eighth grader that loves Tim green books, he got an autographed copy and this photo of Tim signing his book!